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Press play. All featured tracks mixed and produced by Jeremy Hayes.

Mix. Master. Produce.

15 years on both sides of console, I understand where you are and where you want to be.


Both a mixer and musician with a passion for production. At an early age I would find myself infatuated with the way an album sounds; the drum tones, the guitar tones, the grit of a bass guitar and how it sits in the mix.


Using a wide range of tools from Avid, Adam, Focusrite, Friedman, Warm Audio, Two Notes, Slate Digital, and Waves -- getting the sound in your head without emptying your pockets.


Is your mix missing something? I'm also available for session guitar, bass, and drum programming to help fill in your project.

Let's talk.


I'd love to get started with you. Please use the contact form to begin.


Rates are discussed one-on-one through e-mail or phone and vary depending on the type of project.


All messages answered within 24 hours or less.

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